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Not having the ability to recognize homosexuals as homosexuals; a lack of gaydar.
"He was so homoblivious that he didn't know that guy was coming on to him."
by Mackster66 March 15, 2006
The state of being unaware of another person's overt homosexuality; the complete lack of "gaydar." Introduced nationally on March 15, 2006, by syndicated radio personality Tom Griswold of "The Bob And Tom Show."
Homoblivious as ever, Mary thought the two scantily-clad men making out on the beach were practicing CPR.
by Jimmy T. March 15, 2006
a person with absolutely no "gaydar" .
My mom is so homoblivious, she calls her queer neighbors "the bachelors".
by ellerphant March 15, 2006
The exact opposite of gaydar. The inability to sense anothers sexual orientation.
My husband thought Steve was hitting on me... he is so homoblivious.
by Sotalia99 September 05, 2008
A person's inability to realize their homosexual orientation, despite the witnessing by others to their condition.
Mr. Smith tried to kiss me last nite.
Really? What did you do?
I told him I'm not gay, and he asked me if that meant I thought he was.
Wow! The guy's homo-blivious for sure!
by UD-Lover November 29, 2010
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