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adjective, from homosexual + dramatic irony: when everyone realizes that you're gay...except YOU.
Did you see Wes trying to pick up chicks at the bar last night? He was wearing a "Cats" sweatshirt and gushing about the new Ricky Martin CD. Tragically homo-ironic.
by TinyToker August 17, 2007
The realization that what you just said is gay as fuck
"God I wish I could be that fourteen year old kid. His voice is like heaven."

"Dude that was so homoironic!"
by Ninja_Bear March 26, 2010
When a man who is clearly very straight pretends to have a queer side. For example, an obsession with Mr. Darcy or a love for shopping. These things aren't homosexual in and of themselves, but have homosexual connotations to society. To be "homoironic" is to play these pre-conceptions up in a somewhat comical way.
"I'm Fats the college frat boy. I'm going to post a picture of Aladdin in glasses on my Facebook wall. That'll give me something homoironic to do."
by Gingsterlicious June 04, 2015
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