A kind of milk found in Canada
"This is homo-milk, it must be yours."
by RK5000 February 18, 2008
Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital. The interaction of a molecular HOMO with the LUMO (lowest unoccupied molecular orbital) of another molecule is the basis of intermolecular bond formation.
Ground-state CO2 has a doubly degenerate HOMO.
by atarax November 20, 2004
1. a derogatory word for gay/queer people.

2. a term that has been reclaimed by some gay/queer communities that is used affectionately between community members to mean someone wonderfully, sublimely gay.
1. did you see those two punks kissing? what homos.

2. guy: "i love lillies, and soccer players."
fellow queer says: "you're my favorite homo"
by anwigh May 09, 2006
homo = homosexual/gay or offensive laguage
you bummed that boy you homo
by Lazer July 10, 2005
short for homogenized, as printed on milk cartons in Canada, eh.
(not skim, 1% or 2%, but "whole" milk)
"I'm goin' up to the corner store to get some homo"
by Blackhawk169 August 21, 2006




An acronym to make people think you are gay, but you are really Handsome Over Many Others and it also makes people give you a confusing look on their face.

The term was coined by Eddie E./Ed Vicious in Los Angeles, California.
Eddie: Man, I am so H.O.M.O.
Nick: Wtf dude?
Eddie: Handsome Over Many Others!
Nick: Oh okay I guess I'm H.O.M.O. also.
by xEdxViciousx February 19, 2010
The operating system perferred 4/5 by hom0s
Dude i just got homOS pain in the ass edition!
by homos are gay November 07, 2003

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