homo means u like the same of ur gender or its an insult 2u
1.jon: look at that spicy dude ova there
richard:ya hes HOT

2.katie:i hate u!
jane: o ya wel ur homo!
by 1cocoa20 May 31, 2009
The short form for... a hot emo.
Oh my gosh, look at the ho-mo prancing by!
by _xXSARAHXx_ January 03, 2006
some one who lives in a home.
man I wish I was a homo but im homeless.
by bigpoppadaddypants February 01, 2011
its the act of being gay liking other boys doing weird stuff to boys kissing boys being jea feilder from altha florida
being in boy bands is homo

you just grabbed his ass you homo
jea feilder altha fl
by steve o the white boy May 18, 2010
1. Same.

2. Gay/lesbian. (homosexual.)
Zoe is so homo for Gabby and Janelle.
by ALISHIZZLEBAYBEE March 15, 2009
A gay person. Typically used as an insult by heterosexual males, but really is just someone who is so cool you can't even handle it. They may be gay, but they're cooler than you.
Obnoxious guy: HAHAHA! Look at that homo!
Other guy: Excuse me, man, but I just WISH I could be as cool as him!
by URGLEFLERGLE March 14, 2010
1. prefix: from the greek homos, it means "the same". From the Latin homo, it means "man"

2. A derogatory term for a gay man/lesbian.
1. homogenous: the same. Homo erectus: standing man.

2. Todd wore K-Mart jeans today! What a homo!
by googleplex34 October 03, 2009
The word man in latin or also used to describe someone who is gay or homsexual.
Mayn Parker Coleslaw is a homo he touched my jock.
by B-nasty Fogleguy April 27, 2009

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