n: Someone who will date or sleep with an individual, and then go on to date and/or sleep with most if not all of that individual's friends.
I don't want to date Sharrie, but my best friend James wants me too because she's such a homie-hopper that he's sure to get some.
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
1. male or female who decides to jump on to their homie's (friends) crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex, or person of interest.

2. when one person is all over another person, then hops on to said person's homie (friend).
1. Gelly: So me and Caleb have been talking!
Ryan: Good job bff he's cute.
Later on that day Ryan texts Caleb saying "lets chill".

2. Outsider 1: Wasn't Brandon just going out with Angie?
Outsider 2: Yeah, but now he's about to go out with her best friend Sylvia!
Outsider 1: Wow he's such a homie hopper. Going out with all the girls in the same circle.
by lelejayy February 09, 2010
female that goes from friends to friends eventually making her the cum bucket of assholes who kno they all can get to tapp and even there friends . . hence the reason shes a HOMIE HOPPER
"damn kidd shes a homie hopper" "really so are we smashin that tonight" " you already kno nigga the whole block is in there

oh you kno jen?
She a homie hopper
by Mc Sizzle February 05, 2010
A guy who dates a girl, and then moves on to her friend once he's done with her.
He "hops" from girl to girl in a group a friends
heather: "wait! bruce is going out with emma now?! "
brenda: "yep, even after dating emma's best friend "
heather: "what a homie hopper!"

2) zac efron dates vanessa and then he dates her friend, then he moves on to her friend
by Rundelly:) April 28, 2010
A Guy who goes from one girl to another in one group of friends. Typically girls he doesnt even know. He will usually come off sweet then get creepy and grap your ass kiss you like 50 times, then move to your freind leaving you confused and awkwarded out.
Girl 1- I totally made out with that Dustin guy!
Girl 2- what no way... uh he made out with me on the roller coaster then grabbed my ass...
Girl 1- man that Dustin is a real Homie Hopper.
by E-Lovely September 14, 2011
a girl who dates or has sexual relations with multiple guys in a short period of time, usually consisting of guys that are all in the same "group or crew" or are very close/ good friends.
"Yo keith, what is up with Tracy I saw her kissing Dylan earlier? Bro, if your girl is a homie hopper, you better leave her!"
by abcornish23 November 21, 2012
When you bang 9 guys in one group of friends

Banging a whole social 30-1 class she's a homie hopper
by Awesomeinthewould October 24, 2012

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