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Dirty slut who sleeps around a large group of friends, resulting in a mass STD dispersion.
Mandee Connors is a homie hopper.
by slugbag69 July 08, 2011
An individual of either gender, who usually dates (or in extreme cases, have sex with) more than one person in an extremely short time, "hopping" from one "homie" to the next.
Man, Lindsey is such a homie hopper. She had, like, ten boyfriends in one week! Craig too, he's slept with fifteen girls at that party!
by Team Faggle May 21, 2010
A female that has sex with you and all your homies... for fun
When a females is sitting in a room and has had sexual relations with every male .. EVEN IF YOU ONLY HOP THREW 2 HOMIES!!!! Your still a homie hopper(319)
by OG Burn One April 17, 2010
a girl who dates or has sexual relations with multiple guys in a short period of time, usually consisting of guys that are all in the same "group or crew" or are very close/ good friends.
"Yo keith, what is up with Tracy I saw her kissing Dylan earlier? Bro, if your girl is a homie hopper, you better leave her!"
by abcornish23 November 21, 2012
A Female Or HOE That Sleeps With EVERY Guy She Sees. She Goes Down And Hops On To The Next Homie In Line!
Joseph: Hell Nah! Man, She Just Hopped Me TODAY!
Ken: She A SHAME Bro!
Joseph: Hell Yeah, She A Homie-Hopper!
by Barbie997 March 28, 2012
When a girl gets on all your friends except you ; When a girl goes from one homie to the next
Juan: yo that girl doesnt like me but got with all my friends
Tim: niggah shes a homie hopper
by kgarv August 16, 2011
A homie hopper is a girl that likes to do it with guys in the same group of friends. One of these guys might of started out as her boyfriend. Once she gets bored, she hops over to his homie. She could even be multiple homie hoppin.
No dude, Josh and I don't talk anymore because Linda ended up being a homie hopper.
by californiasunshine September 10, 2010