Any good for nothing asshole, may be a dude or a chick, who woos your partner out of a relationship with you. They've also been known to drop out of the dates quickly, and steal someone else's date. More than likely these people are immature idiots who don't know how to find themselves a meaningful date, so they have to steal someone else when they see a flaw in a relationship.
The Family Guy episode about Peter Griffin's jealousy of Louis seeing other men, there's that quick joke in the theater when Louis says "Ain't he handsome!?" Peter runs up and punches the screen until it breaks, screaming "You home-wrecking bastard!"

Country singer Gretchen Wilson has had a lot of experiences in high school with losing her dates to homewreckers, so she included the subject in a song on her album "Here For The Party" and called it "Homewrecker."
by hekifier March 28, 2009
Top Definition
One who comes into your life, and screws it all up. This involves stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend, puppy, your friends, until they pretty much take over your entire life.
Wow, now Tanya and Maria are like bffe now. Tanya's a fucking homewrecker.
by so meg was like May 15, 2005
a female (usually) who is trying to steal a man from another woman.
That home wrecker stole my man!!
by mimi June 10, 2003
a person who goes after another/others who are already taken and succeeds
He cheated on his bitches with me, now even my best friends think i'm a homewrecker.
by homewrecker June 01, 2005
A person who takes a taken invidual with the intensions of breakign up the relationship and creating a relationship of their own.
Meaning not a home wrecker unless the person in the relationship leaves for the other person.
by Jen August 14, 2003
Someone who sleeps with another and knows that other has a boyfriend/girlfriend and doesn't give a shit. Thusly, risking to wreck the relationship.
I ain't no HOMEWRECKER--unless it envolves some shady peepz...
by Joshiro007 February 20, 2003
The person who steps outside his/her marriage/committed relationship and takes a lover. That person makes the choice to risk his/her committed relationship, and should be recognized as the true home wrecker, not the lover.
He called his lover a home wrecker once the wife caught on to their relationship. His lover said "You are the one who made the choice to wreck your home, not me."
by whyme? September 01, 2008
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