(1)A person who allows, or convinces, a man/woman to cheat on their significant other with them them, being the "homewrecker".
(2)A person who sleeps with/has a relationship with a married man/woman, even tho they know that person is married.
(3)A person who does one/both of the above, and feels no guilt or remorse whatsoever for their actions.
I let a guy with a girlfriend hook up with me, and we had a great time; I felt no guilt or remorse, and I enjoyed it - therefore, I am a homewrecker. :]

by ;] 29th June 18, 2007
Someone who comes into your life and messes everything up. They steal boyfriends/girlfriend, ruin relationships, destroy friendships, and any other thing of that manner.

See Pete
Pete: whore
Me: skank
Pete: tramp
by Mee Cole June 12, 2007
a trampy bitch who spends time with someones husband as a co-worker & also ends up sleeping with him, knowing he is married with children & expecting another!
Rachel from caterpillar, Decatur, Illinois is a homewrecker
by the wife!! April 07, 2008
1) One who moves in with or near you and makes your life miserable. S/He may steal your boy/girlfriend, break your property, make your friends and other close ones hate you, or many other things.

2) A show on the abomination that is MTV which revolves around Ryan Dunn from Viva la Bam seeking revenge on those who "did you wrong," whose wrongdoings so far has been pretty childish. He crashes the wrong-doer by turning their bedroom into an unlivable shit hole through means which most likely would warrant a law suit if this show weren't so obviously staged.
1) That asshole Billy is such a homewrecker! Ever since he moved in next door he's tried taking my girlfriend and has said so much shit about me.
2) After watching five minutes of Homewrecker I wonder how in God's name MTV doesn't get sued for this.
by Matt November 05, 2005
One who goes after a married individual; usually succeeds in ruining his/her marrige; takes married individual
my mofo of a friend kim whom is married; stole a married man(named pete) with 2 children; and threw her husband out. This is what you call a Home Wrecker
by Brandihart November 17, 2007
The person is attracted to having men or women who are in a marriage/committed relationship for his/her own selfish fullfillment.
The transexual prositute, Beki, enjoyed hurting children by breaking up peoples families. This is what you call a home wrecker
by Lil Ms. January 11, 2009
A dirty worthless backstabbing whore who will plot and plan to steal you're husband, send him dirty text messages while he's working, and try to fuck him in her piece of shit car before sending him back home to his wife! The fake ass bitch will even have the balls to request you as a friend on fb as she moves in for the kill. Every homewrecker needs a good old fashion beat down and a reality check.
Example 1:
Boy: "Did you hear Ellie is going to start working here?"

Girl: "Oh shit! She's a homewrecker tell all the girls in the club to put their husbands on lockdown!"

Example 2:
Girl 1: "Did you hear Taylor is fucking the DJ?"

Girl 2: "Isn't he married with 3 kids?"

Girl 1: "Yes he is but she's a dirty homewrecker that can't find a man of her own with that dumpy ass of hers so she's gotta steal somebody else's husband!"
by take that you dirty bitch! April 19, 2010

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