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Telling yourself you will do you homework right after school on friday (or any day) to get it over with, however you leave it until saturday morning, you are tired so you say you'll leave it until sunday. Sunday comes and you still haven't even looked at your bag. You leave the homework until noon on sunday (assuming you have no religious goings-on to go to) and put it off until 6:00, then 8:00, now this is the most likely tie you MAY do your homework, if not the homework will just sit in your back pack until next weekend
Person A - Man that math homework was killer I never wanna hear the word factoring again!!!

Person B - LOL I didn't do it, I went to an amazing party on Saturday.

Person A - Wow... talk about homeworkstination...

Person B - v(^_^)v

Person A - t('_')t
by turtleboiiunome April 27, 2010
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