What you tell your mum your going to do when you go round your friends house.
"I'm going round Annas to do my homework Mum!" -Laughs Evily-
by Helen August 29, 2003
The cause of the downfall of humanity. Why? Because all the wannabe goody-goods say "U DON'T DU UR HUMEWERK, U'LL WORK AT MCDONULDS FOR THE REST OF UR LIF!!11! LOLZ!!!!11eleven" Seriously, you goody-goods need to get a damn grip. You too lazy people. Not every teacher assigns homework. I know that some education experts are going against homework because how it causes family conflict, hate for school, dropouts, etc. I could really care less about school but at least I know how to spell, do math, write, etc.
Because this definition kept getting rejected, I had to dumb it down so that even the most stupid people would understand. If this gets rejected then you must be even dumber than a rock. Homework is seriously the cause of all crime, murders, rapes, suicides, etc. of all society.
#society is going to hell #homework #life #bullshit #who cares
by No one cares about names March 18, 2007
An educational object that spanks you like a little, red-headed, stepchild.
Homework: Get over here, baby!
Student: SHUT THE (BLEEP!) UP!
by frodaddy March 02, 2005
what homeschoolers have all the time.

also what I am supposed to be doing right now.
What do you mean do I have homework? All of it's homework!
N: a tourture devise created by teachers in order to make stdents lifes misrable, also so that they can't figuare out their plan for world domination
20 math problems is supposed to take you how long?
by shobop November 20, 2003
Huge waste of time
Method of failing school
Teaches u inglish and shit
Something obviously neither of us are doing right now.
look in your bag
by CusTuM October 16, 2003
Something that does not benefit either party involved, teacher or student; extra work that should be done in class but isn't for some stupid reason.

The teacher is just making more work for you and for himself/herself.

We may never know.
I would rather stay in school for 9 hours instead of 7, provided we don't have homework.

Among things I'd rather do:

Slap someone
Break a window
Blow my nose
Work in a coal mine (not really)
Defacate on the homework
Wipe myself with the homework
Hit someone over the head with a frying pan
Try on all of the clothes in my closet
Go outside
Stay inside
Not fart
Shoot a BB gun
Play "Ding-Dong-Ditch"
Throw myself into a huge room full of packing peanuts
Jump out of an airplane (Not happening!)
Play Videogames
Play online games
Play hopscotch
Play with myself (not what you're thinking, although...)
Drive a Lamborghini Murcielago
Drive a crappy-ass car
Drive a not-so-crappy-ass-but-still-somewhat-crappy-ass car
Crash a not-so-crappy-ass-but-still-somewhat-crappy-ass car
Eat Glass
Climb a tree
Fall from the tree
Try again and subsequently fail
Try many more times until I have not the stregnth nor the willpower to try again

And Much, Much More...

And since I have decided that I'm not going to do my homework, I can gurantee that I'll do at least 5 of these things tonight!!! ;)
#torture #unfair #school #class #work
by JBurton31 April 20, 2010
A simple & effective torture device used by teachers & the administration to whip students into submission. Even after 7 hours at school slaving away in classes, memorizing information that will either be forgotten or absolutly no use in future life, this is handed out, making the impressionable young minds of the worlds' youth into conformed, robotic machines. Most teachers, adults, & government officals would have you believe that it is all nessesary for character-building and intelegence, but it is actually a cruel and unusual punishment.
"Psst, Anthony... Do you have any idea what Mr. Phillips was blabbering on about in math yesterday?... I think we needed it for the homework."
"Erm... no?"
"You think? I'm gonna have to get Noah to explain it to me at lunch... about 10 minutes before class."
"You think this will be of any use to us in our future lives."
#torture #cruel #administration #school #conformity #punishment
by Jo De Jager January 31, 2007
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