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when you want to hang out with friends, but have too much homework to do so you get together to do homework. only sometimes does homework actually get finished.
a: hey what are you doing?
b: oh just studying at my friend's dorm.
a: are you having a homework party? o_O
#homework #schoolgirl #sexiled #study #lecture
by _laine March 14, 2008
a why of conning our parents to attemd more partys, homework parties do not involve any homework, usually drunk twister and partying maddly
Jason : Hey man come to my 18th on Friday

Aaron : Dude idk my parents are been a bitch they want me to do more study

Jason : Just tell them its a homework party, they fall for that shit all the time
#homework #study #alchole #pissesd #twister #parents #partys
by Peter Alexander July 14, 2008
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