The act of having an intense urge to deficate or urinate upon reaching a certain distance form one's home. As if by instinct ones body can locate a familiar toilet and the proximity, and start the process as one nears the location. The urge is often described as sudden,instant,and over powering.This is mostly experienced while driving. Also experienced by individuals past home sickness, where one experiences a similar sensation with a past residence.
" I didn't have to go until 3 blocks from my house, then my ass got home sick. I resorted to Lamaze techniques to avoid shitting myself."
by Satanjello13 June 29, 2013
Top Definition
A word that is used when some people feel nostalgia about been in their homes. They usually want to be in their homes.
Last week I was so sad and homesick
by Fidel Sanher April 16, 2006

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