The pioneer of spontaneous and stupid humor, known for such amazing buisnesses as Mr. Plow and CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet. Worshiped by many and responsible for happiness the world over.
Homer Simpson is the greatest man alive.
by Bo Diddly August 27, 2004
The model of every father in the world. Possibly the greatest father in history.
Lisa, just because I don't care dosen't mean I don't understand.
by bigtones September 11, 2004
The modern Renaissance man.
Homer Simpson for President!
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself February 16, 2004
an AWESOME guy, has 3 kids and a loving wife, Marge Simpson. He only has 2 hairs however and is also a big drunkee. Hes big and lovable and always gives us laughs.. He works in the powerplant of sringfeild for his evil//stupid boss, Mr. Burns. He is careless and downright stupid most of the time but always shows love for his family
Marge: Homer Simpson! You get down here!
by Angie Fu Fu November 15, 2004
fat, lazy, bald, and stupid... yet oh so entertaining
homer simpson is my hero
by redrumredrum May 16, 2003
1. Mr. Plow.
2. The Pie Man.
3. Max Power.
4. Guy Incognito's lookalike.
5. Homer Thompson.
'Hello there, may I trouble you for a dr-ink?'
'Give it up, Homer. We know it's you.'
'Homer, who is Homer? My name is Guy Incognito.'
*Crash, bang! Oh, eeagh, waah! *thump.*
'*gasp.. This man is my exact double! *bigger gasp! That dog has a puffy tail! Hehehee, here, Puff! Here, Puff!'

Homer Simpson is my God.
by All yor base r belong to us January 15, 2006
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