A fly girl who grew up in the hood and has a sincere interest in her community. She epitomizes the essence of urban culture and the hood. She grew up in the hip hop era. Home girls defined hip hop and are rap aficionados. Back in the day, she most likely rocked a lot of Gucci and gold. She had an assymetrical hair cut, door knocker earrings, and always looked fly. Today she is a community activist that advocates for the well being of inner city residents. She always reps her hood and is the most compatible mate for a home boy. This is the original east coast hood defintion which is often used by black and puerto rican Americans which is very dfferent from the common west coast and mexican-american use of homegirl.
Rhonda is such a home girl. She got mad love for the hood.
by believer131 February 03, 2013
The chick a guy is having sex with but refuses to claim or wife.
That's just my homegirl
by 1huned24-7 December 19, 2015
Otherwise known as the girl you can go to for anything (i.e. love problems, advice, etc) but someone you would never consider being with.
John: Hey man, you and Alyssa seem like a couple.

Nick: Nah man she's just a homegirl
by DIDIASK January 22, 2011
A term white males who wish they were black use to describe a girl they like to fuck but don t want as a girlfriend
'shes not my girlfriend, just my homegirl
by lashscorpio February 07, 2011
A specific chick you are talking about.
Homegirl went to the club and didn't get any numbers.
by Lizzy May 08, 2003
A white female who is only attracted to black males. These girls are easy to spot.

They wear tight very light blue or black jeans (often rolled at the bottom), white AF1's or Reeboks, have jam, Crisco, or those hair ties with beads in their hair, they wear white tees or "beaters." Some of these girls even go as far as to have corn rows.

Similar to that of any ghetto resident. Lots of greasy foods. They like fried chicken and catfish. They eat spicy cheetos with hotsauce shaken in the bag. They like going out for Mexican and Taco Bell.

The bus or a Chevy Beretta or Pontiac Grand Am.

"If it ain't black, throw it back"

Homegirls speak ebonics. Their speech patern is often interrupted by clicking sounds. If they smoke, which most do, you will see them with a pack of Newports or a Swisher wood tip cigar.

-Physical Characteristics-
These are two basic body types for homegirls. 1. Obese 2. Small upper body with huge buttox, hips, and thighs.

-Marital Status-
Homegirls are almost never married and almost always have several kids with different "baby daddys." This lifestyle is often very hard and as a result, they do not age well.
"That homegirl only works at TJ Max to meet boys!"
by Amuse October 08, 2009
Female who is of the same race (e.g., African American) as the person using the term
She's a homegirl.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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