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the female student in the high school senior class who is most well liked by the entire high school, from freshmen to seniors. She must be well rounded because the whole high school elects her.
Emily was the best possible Homecoming Queen ever, because she is a cheerleader AND in the Marching Band. She is totally awesome!
by Barrette May 29, 2008
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usually a "popular" chavy girl who spent her whole life planning out how she was going to sleep her way into being prom queen!
at six... "i'm gonna ave a pink dwess and be home coming queen"
at 13... "if i sleep with the football team i'll have there votes... do i have to sleep with all of them"
at 16... "like omg i did it and only slept with half the boys in our skool!!!"

or could turn out as... "like omg you cow thats my crown bitch give it here!!!"
by ..::fran::.. July 23, 2006
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