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Homie dawg-
my cool kick-ass friend from the hood
Sup home dawg?
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
an awesome buddy, slang... nothin fa ya
wud up homedawg?
by Whatever ya like April 14, 2003
Some one who is a close friend of yours
Hey Hom Dawg!
by FOOKMI August 14, 2003
Someone you drive-by with
Let's go down the street my home dawg.
by Dan February 03, 2003
HomeDawg is a friendly dawg
King of all dawgs
<RohanRNS> OMG HomeDawg RULEZ!
by HomeDawg October 28, 2004
the percice circumference of the lymph nodes of your diseased ballsack
wow, me and all my boyz r home dawgs cuz we like eachothers genitals!
by Evan Yandall June 21, 2003
HomeDawg refers to someone who is generally in a PMS mood 24/7, 365 days a year.
OMG she's being SOOO HomeDawg right now!
by GameSurge IRC Staff March 16, 2005
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