A really close and frequent friend.
"Tell homeskillet to fire up the bar-b-q, I'll be home in a minute.
by Kelly Burkett September 03, 2005
See "homey"
Whassup, homeskillet?
by Blade December 17, 2002
Home Boy
Wassup homeskillet?

Chillin like a villan in a village
by AC May 10, 2003
Home Skillet is a proper noun used to describe a caucasian male from rural areas who thinks he posses the same street cred as an afro-american from the "hood". This individual may be seen wearing a wave cap and a flat billed hat. The subject may also be witnessed wearing Urban apparel, gold chains, and talking in Eubonics. This term is said to have been originated in Southwestern Kansas by Mr. J. L. Wiser whilst making fun of said individual "homeskillet". AKA: Wigger
What's up G?

Not much Homey, jus chillin'.

Ah-ite then, keep it on the realz.

Peace home skillet. ....F-ing turd.
by Back Door Moe August 30, 2006
a true homie at heart
playa #1: what up homeskillet? how ya feelin'?
homeskillet: just chillin' watchin' the lacrosse game on the tube, ya heard??!
by R-Dizzle November 19, 2006
friend homie cool peoples
spelled holmskillet
sup holmskillet biskit nigga
by deeboi August 07, 2005

A proper definition of a "home boy". Meaning a friend from around your home.(and/or see "hood") A label of repugnance to most, most of the "peoples" who use this term, seem to find it endearing... (rollseyes) Only in America!
"Yo yo yo my dawg! Let's roll all up on this bhome skillet/b and jack him for his shizzznit!!"
by Maddest MooSe October 14, 2006
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