The act that occurred when Mary conceived Jesus.
God gave Mary a holy fuck.
by thebigcheez February 22, 2008
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An exclamation, much like "Holy Shit!", but more offensive, which is good.
"Holy Fuck, that fart must have had 75 Hobo Power!"
by none of yer dam bidness December 20, 2003
An expressions of extreme shock, surprise or anything related.
Similar to what the fuck! but can be used in a more positive manner.
Bill wins the grand prize of the lottery and shouts "HOLY FUCK!" as he completely didn't expect to win. He is filled with surprise and joy.
by Z-Shadow-Z October 30, 2008
1.something that is amazing and/or stupid.
jim-Wow i just said fuck u to a teacher
bob-holy fuck dude your crazy.
by gabe divelbiss April 20, 2007
An exclamation of overly hot sauce usually made with naga chillies ,
Holyfuck the ribmans sauce has set my mouth on fire,
by Mainiesman November 24, 2013
To fuck without commiting a sin.Bending to the right instead of the left confuses God and there for does not accuse of abbusing adult activities...Sex!
holy fuck that boy this time you disgusting horny retard.
by jackass11 March 22, 2008
what you say when you cum really pleasantly to the kinkiest sick porno (legal for fuck's sake) that you have ever seen
HHooooooollyyyy fuck holy fuck, holy fuck! oh, oh, yeah!
by damien666666666bc May 28, 2010

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