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A person, usually female, who thinks they are destined for a life of fame and fortune.
They spend their high school years telling everyone how they have it made and have no doubts that they will become the next biggest thing to hit Hollywood.
These people are usually very close too good looking (though not quite hot), and this fuels their ideas of stardom.
They lack all talent, and are usually academic failures (despite telling everyone "I get good grades and get along fine in school").
Upon graduation they go around telling friends how they're headed to Hollywood to become supermodels and superstars.
However, one year, one road trip across America or Europe with three of their closest equally hollywoolheaded blond friends, one failed marriage, and one hundred rejection letters later, they are either working the grill at a fast food restaurant without any hope of a successful future (having not tried for a decent education and now being penniless) or working the streets as a prostitute (using what good lucks they have to earn fifty bucks each night until they get old and are forced to live off government welfare while caring for two children who both hate her and are seriously strung out on drugs.
"Beth, Tiffany, Leah, Jessica, Julia, Jake, Josh, Dave, and Tyler are all such hollywoolheads!"
"What's worse is all their friends encourage it, so they walk around thinking they're gods."
"Don't worry, guys, while we're making $75k+ a year they'll be living off welfare in a rundown, rat-infested apartment in downtime Los Angeles, regretting every decision they ever made."
"Yeah, and will be our tax dollars supporting them, so they'll STILL be bugging us."
by STJosh April 24, 2007
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