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dirty whore-ish cunts who wear hollister like its jesus's piss
eww! look at that prep, she's such a hollister cunt
by KramPittamp June 18, 2009

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1. A salesman/woman who work at Hollister who do not carry out task the promised to do for friends, in which case; cause anger, sadness and many other negative emotions to the person upon which said promise was made.

2. Shit at Gears of War

3. General Cunt that works at Hollister

4. Cunt.
A man, (hypothetical of course) lets call him David, promised a friend, lets call him Nico, to bring a set of £300 pound headphone that have been waited for, for over a month to university so said friend can pick them up. Upon leaving David Hollister Cunt decides to leave them at home and instead bring lots of useless hair products and a signed portrait of himself to pin on his ceiling.
by Headphoneless May 02, 2011