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"holla at cha boy"
by Anonymous February 07, 2003
14 60
to tell someone to holla back at you; usually used by a male
Yo shorty holla atcha boy!
by larry January 01, 2004
107 18
it means to say hello to. or it means to recognize.
if u just won a game of b-ball. you could say "holla at cha boy"
or if you were leavin somewhere you could say holla at cha boy
by geptizzle August 17, 2003
89 30
1. term of endearment meaning talk to you later, or see ya later

2. term used by trap stars to imply that he has the goods and if some one wants some, they should call him, or tell him
1. "Hey, I'ma roll. Holla at cha boy!"

2. "I got that good WEEED!! HOLLA AT CHA BOY!!"
by TIMOTHEOUS "DICK" BARLOW March 12, 2007
74 37
It simply mean "call / text me". It isn't complicated...
After Tim and Steve finished hanging out, Tim, nodded and said "holla at cha boy"..
by MLAM May 16, 2006
40 46