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Typo for the word 'hola' meaning 'hello' in spanish.
Holla! How are you today? written in spanish as: Hola! ¿Cómo estas hoy?
by brandomduke May 27, 2010
5 13
Making a shout out to a friend publically.
Hey, did you see my name on TV? Yeah Katie holla'd out.
by BaByBuKuKu April 06, 2009
3 11
sayin hey what up? or tryin to get wit someone
holla at me
by aint important June 15, 2003
12 21
to make ones presence known
also can be used as a prefix in describing members of the opposite gender
1-Holla, joe

2-HOLLApeno(hot guy/girl)
3-HOLLAween(ugly guy/girl)
4-HOLLAluya(catholic school girl)
by pokpok May 06, 2003
12 21
when a fine ass nigga wanna talk 2 ya
Deante:yo ma i wanna holla at u
by Danielle_tha_baddest_bitch December 15, 2003
23 33
A perplexing word of unknown purpose originally used by San Franciscans. "Holla" soon spread to all of California and is now creeping into the speech of other western states like a cancer. Possibly derived from "holler", "hello", or perhaps the spanish greeting "hola."
Example: Holla back (baq, bac?)
by Korhyan June 11, 2009
3 14
Employed when one's boss is annoying them to the extent that they can not communicate with them for the balance of the day.
Are you serious? I'm not doing that! HOLLAAA
by Kickin Nikki January 06, 2006
2 13