Used by certain dark skinned people of African descent as well as obscenely annoying light skinned people descended from northern New Jersey. Replaces punctuation in a sentence.
A comma is used to separate parts of a sentence nigga holla but a period comes at the end of one bitch HOLLAAA
by bob_the_russian November 04, 2003
an amazing phrase. first used by rappers, now used by almost any teenager you come across. most used to tell someone that youll see them later, or call them. also a shortened form of holla back
Yo boo, I'll holla at you later.

Peace G, I gotsta go, holla.
by one hot red head August 12, 2005
a 5 dollar bag of marijuana(pot, weed, bud, herb, ganja)
usually weighs about a gram or a gram and a half, at least enough to roll a nice cigarillo (preferably swisher sweet)
1. Hey lemme get a holla real quick
2. I just picked up a holla, so who's buyin the shell?
#holler #hollar #weed. pot #bud #bag #dime #dimebag #dime bag
by reeferchiefer November 30, 2005
i got a dollar who needs 50 cent
jay z
by jis July 08, 2003
Employed when one's boss is annoying them to the extent that they can not communicate with them for the balance of the day.
Are you serious? I'm not doing that! HOLLAAA
#forget it #no way #yea right #bye #peace
by Kickin Nikki January 06, 2006
to return a disrespect
lets go holla at that clown
by FRANK March 23, 2005
Theodore Long's favorite word.
Let me holla at chya playa
by Matthew Fisher January 24, 2004
"holla! fuck u, holla!"
a hella stoopid (funny) way 2 clown or cap on sum1 at school, on the street, in traffic, whatever
bronx, 2002
u can say:
(they look)
fuck u, holla!"
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
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