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when a man puts his penis into another mans anal hole, that is classified as holepunching
Last Night at the party i slept in the same bed with Dave, and he tried to holepunch me, what a faggot.
by Boki April 05, 2004
Derogatory word meaning "male heterosexual." Made popular by the character Jack on the American television series "Will & Grace" during the 2005-2006 season.
A pox upon you, you hole puncher! I am sick of being a second class citizen when I am a MUCH better citizen than you are!
by Hephaestion May 09, 2006
Slang for: A Lesbian
Hell yea that bitch is a hole puncher, didnt you see her butch girlfriend?
by That Other Girl's Girlfriend December 03, 2010
a homosexual male in prison
omar the character from the wire is a hole puncher.
by god is my judgement February 09, 2008
the term given to the male reproductive organ found in the "crotch" area. it is also known as a schlong boner and penis among others.
"my god thats a massive hole puncher you have there"
"wow, you really know how to handle your hole punchers"
by palmnet December 15, 2004