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A way of saying OK, promoted among online communities.

An example of the aggressive and intentional change of language within online communities, generally for the purpose of creating or affirming identity through the use of exclusive or esoteric mutations of language or spelling; Hokai is a disambiguation (epithentical Fortition) of OK created as an humorous reference to the Flash animation "End of The world".
The "H" is pronounced hard, similar to the Russian "х" or with nasal intonation.
"Hokai here is the Earth, just chillin'...That is a sweet earth you might say. ROOUUND!"

"Hey, you want to update the blog?"
by neoshade October 08, 2008
A way of saying OK, said by nerds worldwide, especially online.

For best effect, say in a nasal tone.
by Urban Dictionary October 24, 2004
The Japanese word meaning "one who is of a lower station."

Basically means someone who is below you, like if you were a 12 grader and there was a Freshman present, you could call him a hokai. Can be used normally or in a derogatory manner.

Dunno what type of nerds decided "hokai" was another way to say "okay", but they need to be ruthlessly shot on sight.
Get the hell outta here, ya damn hokai.
by KillzoneOmega November 24, 2009
Japanese. Antonym of senpai. In an activity, group, school, etc, a younger member.
"Mako-hôkai, you really should go study."
"Yes, Haruka-senpai!"
by Defect-Tueuse March 20, 2008
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