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a computer chip implanted in your wife/girlfriend to track her movements. Coined by Elliot Stabler of Law and Order, SVU.
Of course Bob Saget knows where his girlfriend is, he's got hojack.
by Frank Rizzosteinowitzberg November 28, 2006
Ho Jacks - Noun: The term "Ho Jacks" refers to a specific type of foot wear that is worn by a Ho, stripper, pole dancer. These shoes are the ultra high platform high heel shoes that raise the wearer up as a jack raises a car for better access for a person to work on the car. They are not the normal ground level high heel shoes with thin soles and three inch heels. Rather they are the type with at least one and one half inch and higher platform lifts under the sole and heel.

Thus a "working girl" or "Ho" is lifted high in the shoes showing off her working legs etc... and making her more attractive to her intended customer.
*Sherry is a dancer down at the strip joint. When she dances she is seven inches taller wearing her "Ho Jacks".

*The ladies came into the club wearing short tight hoochie mamma dresses and "Ho Jacks".

*Look at that booty jacked way up high on those "Ho Jacks".
by RoadDawg April 14, 2013
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