it's like sex on the beach you need 6 special ingredients
-eccentric man diva who levitates
-A preppy prefectionist that likes hand sanitizer in all scents
-A chic coffee-holic FOB
-A bizzare but level headed blondie hunted by whalers
-A fun laffy taffy from venus
-A smart homo whose hair resembles the colors of the autumn leaves falling from the trees. His eyes hazel brown his cheeks rosy pink call him
mix it all together and pour it in a blender and you have HOH. Highly toxic, bottoms up
HOH is like oxygen you need it to survive
And like sex on the beach it will fuck you up
HOH is like being on ectasy once one goes BLACK there's no turning BACK
by KERGAN October 03, 2006
Top Definition
A sound that is used when you are impressed or amazed by something.
"I just ate a fish eye"


"I have 9 computers"
by TASHY!! November 07, 2009
head of household ( big brother is watching ) ho ho ho
Yo dude check out my room I'm hoh!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
Hard of Hearing - commonly used abbreviation on many groups dealing with hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear im plants or deafness
Many people who are HOH wear hearing aids
by hohguy May 09, 2009
Extremely clumsy; lacking a sense of judgement; completely unaware of surroundings; blatant in action.

One who is extremely clumsy; lacking a sense of judgement; completely unaware of surroundings; blatant in action.

(Prepositional Phrase)
When pointing out someone who has done something clumsy; lacking a sense of judgement; etc.
Man, that kid is so hoh, he forgot his anniversary and went to a strip club with his friends! HOH!
by Diablo Llaco May 04, 2009
When a japanese(has to be japanese) person is shocked by the smallest thing
*car goes past*
by Shoj April 27, 2005
It's a Finnish interjection for disappointment, often used in a humorous sense to describe a small unpleasant surprise.

It's also been used to prove hopes or thoughts wrong and mislead, or to express the stupidity of something as an idea.

The volume and tones of pronouncing the word makes a difference to the meaning, of course.
"My credit card expired today"

"Höh, ette te kanssa mitään tiedä!"
= "Höh, I thought you knew something but you don't know shit!"
by Reetta October 08, 2007
The sound someone makes when they have just found something out, especially when they're surprised.
"Micheal Jackson died...hoh."
by President Shawoddywoddy. November 23, 2009
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