what the boys in blue do to you when you are uncooperative. handcuff your ankles to your wrists, and carry you off like a suitcase.
i saw a tweeker fighting the cops at the gas station. he got the shit beat out of him, zapped 3 times by the phasers, then finally hogtied and taken away by the medics. it was good times.
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com June 22, 2004
Top Definition
Hogtied is a way of tied up a man or a woman. In a literary sense it means "tied like a hog".
This is also a very diffuse bondage technique and it's considered one of the sexiest bondage position.
It consist of tied up ankles and wirst together (usually behind the back).
If wellmade it guarantee you to totally imobilize someone because it's almost impossible to get free when hogtied.
You can see a lot of this bondage technique's pics in the net that can give you an idea of what this hogtied is.
by Nikky2 January 27, 2008
To be stuck with, with no immediate means of escape, an extremely fat, obese female that you picked up at the bar, the night before, in a drunken state, that took home and banged all night. In addition to being hung over, ashamed and feeling dirty, you are tied to her wants and needs until you can mount a successful escape. Usually accomplished when she takes a shower or shit.
Just prior to last call, Carl made his move on the fat chick that was sitting at the bar all night. Carl was too drunk to note her obesity and he really just wanted to get his weenie wet. After getting her to go home with him, they had hot, sweaty, fat flabbing, drunken sex. Carl got up to head out the door after they were done but she wrapped her legs around his waist and said she wanted to cuddle. Carl realized suddenly he was Hog Tied and was going to be stuck there until breakfast.
by Sal Manilla January 22, 2015
when you get rinsed like a bitch for downloading S&M porno off the net
Paul: haha hogtied!
James C: fuck you!
Other person: wtf are you on about
Paul: yeah we found his porn stash, it was full of chicks getting nailed whilst being all tied up
Other person: shit hahaha
by mr raphe October 12, 2008
Hogtied is an adjective for the absolute hottest piece of ass that you've ever dated in your entire life.
Jim: "Oh man! You actually dated HER??"

Bob: "Hells ya! She got me completely hogtied. She is by far the HOttest Girl That I've Ever Dated...or who's played with my balls."

"Ya, that girl had me completely Hogtied...She had my balls in a vice for 2 years."
by Davidsel77 March 26, 2009
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