The act of masturbating while thinking angry thoughts about a relative stranger whose views you disagree with
I was really steamed after I got home from the protest. Those 'counter-protesters' are such douches, I hoggled for about 30 minutes.
by Guy Man Dude Fred December 10, 2011
Top Definition
To masturbate to an online prostitute
Frank used to hoggle at the computer every day, until his wife caught him.
by Evil Ed the Lesser August 19, 2011
The act of flirting or leading someone else on just to get something you want.
Hot girl: Can I please get off?!?!
Manager: I don't know if we can let you go just yet...
Hot girl: *touches manager's chest sexually* but you are the best manager ever.
Manager: Alright, I guess you can go.
Hot girl: Thanks! *just turns around and walks off*
Manager's friend: Dude... You just got hoggled.

Dude, that bitch was just hogglin you for a free smoke...

I'm just hogglin this chick for a blow job!
by Squishysox October 06, 2011
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