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"A term used to indicate excitement, often implying approval or agreement"
Friend 1: "Yo Dash, you see that hot girl? I got her number!"
Freind 2: "Hoffa!"
by durango kid November 11, 2006
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Another word for Holla
Hoffa At Me Man!
by PeteyDaDon March 20, 2010

A girl who appears hot from far away but upon closer review she is ugly.
I went to talk to that hot girl at the end of the bar but she turned out to be a Hoffa.
by skeet mcgregor September 05, 2012
Jimmy Hoffa, notoriusly corrupt, and qouted as saying "I don't need bodygaurds". He took a walk one night and never returned. His body is still undiscovered. When you find a place that looks like it hasn't been looked in for a while, you can intelligently claim to have found Jimmy Hoffa's body.
I found Jimmy Hoffa!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
Acronym for "Hot Only From Far Away"
Dude, I saw this chick with a phat ass and some crazy big knockers crossin the street, but she got closer and i saw she was a HOFFA.
by Chris Camisa January 03, 2004
Hot Only From Far Away
lets go check this girl out...whoa keep walking dude, HOFFA!
by jobe August 31, 2005
To leave somewhere (normally a party or bar) without the knowledge of those in attendance. Usually after drinking way too much and in need of sleep or food, however a hoffa can be performed for any reason (i.e. to hook up). Performed usually to avoid unwanted opinions from friends in attendance.

Commonly referred to as just "hoff".

Of relation to the Irish Exit.
Tony pulled a hoffa ("hoff") from the party last night. His friends had no clue where he went to or at what time he left.
by Jeff-the-Jerk April 23, 2008

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