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Another word for hoe, a female who has sexual relations with various partners.
A bitch
Sandra is a hoeski, she banged 3 guys this week.
by spitfires March 10, 2004
A word that is a synonym to the word broski, only for a girl.
Lauren: I'm so sorry dude.
Sam: It's alright hoeski.
by volleyballa3 September 07, 2010
A slutty teenage, underage skank, or filthy whore.
Tends to have the characteristics of a walrus.
Will sleep with anything that moves but no one wants to sleep with them.
Guy: Eww did you see that chick
guy 2: dude thats karlina she is a total hoeski
by Damiennn123 November 03, 2010
A slang word for hoe. (Not the kind used in your garden).
Typically used when describing girls named Rebekah.
That girl Rebekah is such a hoeski!
by ArizonaTea69ers March 28, 2010
Can be used for a female or male, similar to booski but just used for sex.
Shelly : I seen you with Matt last night is that your man

Lulu: girl no that's jus my hoeski
by im LULU. go runnn thttt March 05, 2009
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