when you commit a disrespectful/hurtful act towards someone else.
girl: get away from me!

boy: awwww why you hoeing me??

boy: damn those shoes are old you need to retire em'

boy: you hoeing.
#hoeing #hoein #hoe #hoes #capping
by slowed and throwed April 03, 2011
Top Definition
when a women walks aound the streets looking 2 get fucked fo' some money
Nick says 2 john..."was that ur mom hoeing down on main street last night?
by nick April 08, 2005
to be hoed; when someone plays with your emotions, treats you like a rebound or side chick
p(1): Chris was just messaging me telln me he wants me now he with Jen
p(2) : damn g that's fucked up
p(3) : he hoeing me
#hoed #toy #rebound #friends with benefits #side chick
by Jujutsu March 14, 2015
To Fry Someone, Make Fun Off, Cap on them
Why you always hoeing me?
#fry #cap #talk #joke #get
by CBallin011 July 13, 2008
when people cant stop being mad at a person even though the other person is done with the conversation
(p1) "shut the F**k up man aint no like your...."
(p2) "i dont care shut up"
(p3)"mane (p3) is hoeing"
#queefin #trippin #wildin #catching fade #beef #dumbass
by young thunda May 26, 2010
An action or actions of dirty sexual acts with another person for pleasure.
What are you up to girlfriend?

Oh ya know, hoeing.

With who now?

The guy from down the street.

hoe sex slut hooker
by MsEj18 May 28, 2016
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