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like brohoe but referring to a boy; boy who chooses hoes before bros
"what a fuckin' hoebro, always choosing pussey over his freinds."
by crotchmaster 3000 January 03, 2008
A hoe that is also considered one of your homies.
i have known stephanie for so long that shes my best hoebro.
by Maclane January 20, 2009
A girl who is not only a huge hoe but also has the characteristics of a bro. Helps you get with her friends/Hoes but is ok with you hitin it too.
Dude this girl helped me get with her friends but I still banged her. She is totally a HoeBro.
Mallory Grace.
by JustinWieb October 13, 2014
A group of 4 bro-tastic girls who are going to be successful strippers later in life
"You see those girls, they're definitely hoebros"
by Hoebro1234 February 28, 2014
A chump that don't want to fight but takes your shit. A goofy person that starts drama. A dude that doesn't stand on his own feet. A Weak Ass Person. An Asshole. A guy that knocks himself out fighting SMH
The word was inspired after watching a WorldStar Hip Hop video. This hype bum steals a thugs shirt and hat & walks away. The guy recording said "Damn! You gone let him treat you like a Hoe Bro? Boom there it is HoeBro. Back to the story the Thug runs up on the bum the bum turns and runs off. The bum took a good 6 steps before he runs into a tree and knocks himself out hoebro The thug felt bad because he hit that tree so hard he pissed himself. Once he came to he said "he hit me with a mean one man"
by MRVell July 12, 2013