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a signal sent up in the brain that alerts you if the person you're looking at is a hoewhore,slut,bitch. everyone has this signal. yes, even girls. why do you think guys go after all the hoes? well the hoe-radar of course. you see guys don't care what the hoe looks like, just as long as the hoe-radar goes off.
for instance:
when you walk in the mall and you see this girl aka.hoe. walk up you may get a signal that she is a hoe.

while at the mall, two guys asked jordan her name. Of course they sensed the hoe-radar.

boy: MAN GIRL! my hoe-radar sensed you a mile away. lets get jiggy.
girl: WTF?!?!?!?!
by Danizzle, Hizzle. May 13, 2007
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