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Act of dating a girl just to brag about having a girlfriend. To try to be all sexy infringe of men while ur out with ur boyfriend and he acts like a pimp. Also an imnsult to call a girl a prude is to call her a ho to show. Or when a girl dresses like a ho skank but wont do anything like a ho so she is only a ho to show. When a ho inishiates u with her body and u listen to her but then she wont do what hos do and one is dissapointed. A girl who shows more than she is selling and does false advertising. Girls who u want to be seen with to get hot girls jealous
A hot girl walks by in a mini skirt and a seethrough top and shams her butt. "Hey u want to bang? "Www I have a purity ring." What a ho to show. Ho to show
Ho to show ho to show hoe show
by kentyoyoyo January 07, 2012
A female or male who is very open about them being a hoe. Also a term used to describe a persons pride in their title as a hoe.
Sandy is such a hoeshow! She is so like open! uh!
by butterscotch890 August 28, 2009