1. repulsive manwhore
2. with saggy balls
3. who cheats on all his gf's
4. and is going to die from STD's
5. a bumass wigger from the suburbs who can't get a job so just tries to overcompensate under the belt
Girl #1: Ew, did I just see you with Larry?
Girl #2: No way! He is such a hoe. Someone should nuder him before his overused balls sag so low they pick up dust dragging on the floor...
by FunnyCauseItsTrue February 22, 2013
A hoe (not ho as some idiots spell it as) is a rather promiscuous male or female who goes a roving by moonlight without staying loyal to a single relationship...a bit like Lord Byron or Nishal P.
Nishal, your such a hoe!
by RaviS July 05, 2012
a bitch who constantly flirts with any nigga they come in contact with, meaning in person, twitter, facebook or any social network.

constantly post and tweets pictures of them selfs to get attention from men
flirts with every male contact in their cellular phone

occasionally claims to be lesbian

constantly lies, never tells the truth and will do anything to get some dick

a hoe claims to be classy but is really trashy, she claims to not talk to any duded yet shes texting the whole west coast, she likes being single so she can be a hoe.
damn hoe, who dont you flirt with on twitter?

me and all my niggas already fucked that hoe

aye she a real hoe, she keep flirtin wit all my niggas
by not a hoe tho March 27, 2012
A trashy bitch, who sucks dick for a new outfit, fucks anything with two legs, too loose in the pussy and the asshole, & enjoys going around exposing her panty line & boobs almost showing the nipple.
Look at the that trifling ass hoe. I heard she sucked his dick & fucked those kids over there.
by ----------------.; February 22, 2012
A prostitute

Another spelling of ho.
pimp: Gimme my money hoe!
by Omegaman987 October 29, 2011

1Heavily made up and/or scantily clad person
2.Woman that's too loose in the booty
3.Crude,rude and unpleasant female
4.Skank,slut or promiscuos person
Ex 1.At school

Mike:Yo,look at Janice.
Steve:Damn,her face makes the 10 inches of snow we got during winter break seem shallow.
Mike:yea,she looks lika hoe.

Ex 2.At a club

Dave:Damn yo! look at all the biddies up in this piece!!
Rob:Hell yea!!And look at that one over there!She's all into it!
Dave:Damn yo,that’s Melissa!!
Rob:Oh wurd!?! I always knew she was a hoe!

Ex 3.In an elevator.

Mark:What a day,i can't wait to go back to my room and just chill.
Frank:Yeah man,that last math class raped my brain.

*Bing*3rd floor:enter loud mouth rowdy girls*

Rowdy girl1:Ohmahgawd i can't freakin wait to go to the club and get mah fraaak on!!WHOOOO!

Rowdy Girl2:You know it ;p i can't wait to get slizzard & party my ass off with some cute guys. I definetly feel like gettin my smush on! *burp*
Oh shit hahaha!that was the fucking chili and brocolli bowl from lunch hahahaha!
Rowdy girl1:lol omg,ME TOOO!!AHHhhhhh.We're gonnna look so damn hot in those new jean skirts we got and i'm totally looking forward to gettin hoeified tonight.Fuck everybody else,i don't give a shit,i'ma do what i want,when i want,and idgaf ;p
Rowdy girl 2:forreal,all the guys here at school are fucking doofy ass fuck and broke motherfuckers.They can't handle all of this.
Rowdy girl1:that's our floor,HOLLA!!!!
*gIRLS get off*

Mark:I was gonna punch them in the neck,I swear to god,they're so annoying.
Frank:I feel ya bro,loud ass hoes.
by JbirdUNH October 22, 2011
blonde bitches from frisco, class of 2014.
did you hear what Beth did?
yeah she's a total hoe!
by who's that chick not a bitch June 20, 2011

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