1. A rude term for a woman commonly used by ghetto people. (Offensive)

2. A girl who is willing to engage in sexual activities often and with several different people. This term is generally only directed to straight or bisexual women.
1. I f**ked that hoe about a week ago. She was so wet after that.
2. Jenny is such a hoe. She gave Johnny, Dave, Wayne, Cody, and Henrie bl*wjobs all in one week.
by T-Soape March 27, 2015
A gardening tool
Blakely jade dorege
A used the hoe in the yard today.
That Blakely
by Mira Louis September 21, 2014
A hoe is a girl who has a lot of boyfriends, has a lot of sex, and does a lot of nasty things, and flirts with a lot of boys.
"Did you hear Alexa has another boyfriend?" *one friend says to another*
"Really? What a hoe!!" *exclaims the other friend*
by Swaggmynigga January 13, 2014
Humans Of Evolution
Although evolutionary events have taken place in all organisms, the H.O.E. event has not affected the male gender. It is seen that they refuse to divert their attention away from want to Fuck anything that moves at any given moment.
by HOEphenomenon May 19, 2013
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