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People who themselves may not be hoes, but protect the integrity of those who are. They condone the things hoe-ish people do, and will throw stones then hide their hand if it is in favor of the hoe-ish person who they look up to or are protecting. They are spineless, and the reason why they stick up for these type of people can range from "status" affiliation to Monetary gain. It is best to not associate with hoes or their minions
Man: If I were you I would not associate with him. Hoe minions like him, you cant trust them as far as you can throw them. He will always stick up for hoe-ish type people.

Woman: What do hoe minions act like?

Man: They're phony, they're fake, their the type of people I hate.
by UD-Doc November 10, 2010
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