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A type of rough vaginal penetraion usually carried out by black's or gangsta wannabee's. The girl's head is forced to the ground looking down while her arse is high in the air. The man usually has one hand on the head and one on the arse for maximm thrust. The sex is extremely rough on the chick but considering ur either black or a gangsta wannabee, your bitch can take it.
chick: stop it hurts?
Black: dont talk bitch, im hoe bagging you.
#black #sex #vagina #hoe #bagging
by P-unit! October 30, 2008
The act of placing one's tit into a female's vagina.
Man, that woman has huge boobs. She'd be great at hoebagging.
#boobs #tits #vagina #hoe #teabagging
by Talora September 02, 2008
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