to make an ass of someone, clown on them (esp. from a teacher)
Shit son he was hodgein on yo bitch ass today in class
by ya boi4sho October 04, 2007
<hohj> n. - one who relentlessly desires and consumes large quantities of unhealthy food
"Oh my God, you ate that whole pizza by yourself... fucking hodge!"

Brook ate a Grande Meal for breakfast because she's a hodge.
by nu2004 April 14, 2008
An awkward person, who spends most of his/her time studying, tripping over things, making jokes that no one laughs at, and going to piano lessons. Short for Hadji
Summer Y. is the biggest hodge in America
by AlexHodge November 09, 2010
A complete tool; one with undiserved dillusions of grandeur; Hodges are very full of themselves, believing they possess non-existant traits of intelligence or skill; everyone knows and greatly dislikes at least one Hodge.
He thinks he's such a great artist because he can take a picture of a park bench, what a Hodge.
by DeepseaSmoker July 13, 2010
a hodges AKA (fodges, podges)is known as moving in and grabbing the neck of a girl to kiss and the girl simply ducking from the attempt.
man 1: ooh i went to snog that becky but then she did a hodges on me
by Michael Wright 2k10 February 06, 2009
(n.) One who is a complete ass whilst being in class.


(n.) The jerk of the world.
Ryan was being stupid when he was "playing for keeps".

What a hodge!
by Oh, you know. Ballin' as usual February 16, 2010
Anyone who displays hodgelike qualities, such as getting angry for no reason and saying lame comebacks.
I told John today that I had sex with his mom. He got really angry and told me he had sex with my dad, he's such a hodge.
by mr. awesome12345678 April 13, 2009

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