A hobo is someone without a house or a job. They will work, though. You most commonly hear of hobos living in boxes, but some hobos live in homeless shelters. in the old days, you hear of hobos hiding on trains. that doesn't happen very often anymore. hobos often stand outside with signs that say "need food" or "homeless anything will help".
I have $5 and i can either spend it on a tasty sandwich, or give it to that hobo. hm, i think i'll give it to that hobo.
by hoboinmycloset April 15, 2009
hobo = Home Owner Bought Out

it is the acronym for people from 'the Great Depression' who lost their homes when the banks called their loans due (as per the terms of the loan).

All legal, but totally sucks.

Has come to mean many things, mainly derogatory.
Bank: "Mr. Smith, your loan has come due and we are not able to extend you any more credit."

Mr. Smith: "What can I do? The plant closed, my kids are sick and my wife ran off with the ex-plant manager."

Bank: "That's not our problem. Leave or the Sherif will remove you."

Mr. Smith: "Well kids, it's off to the poor house for you, Daddy's a hobo now."

Kids: Boo, hoo. . . .
by JP4u November 17, 2009

Helping Our Brothers Out

A lifestyle in which, preferably all of your friends are included , meet a new group of girls and introduce them too the rest of the group.
A) Lets introduce our friends to these girls we met last night.

B) Lets bring our friends to meet those hot girls from last night, yea we sure can we are pushing H.O.B.O. into effect.
by pimpinsince84 May 30, 2009
a friendly person usually foun on the street. there can be many differnt hobos.
hobo on da street, town hobo, city hobo, dumpster hobo
by booshloub November 14, 2010
People who I make friends with daily just cause they ask for a light or a cigoweed
ya heres a light ho-bo but don't touch me
by navaHO! June 29, 2006
a hobo spends their time riding the rails and is happy with a bottle of beer a gutair and some friends. hobos are not at all to be confused with bumbs and tramps because they are unhappy and bitter about their homeless state and hobos are happy and they make the best of their situation
nothin beats the hobo life stabbin folks with my hobo knife
by hobo man February 05, 2004
The Nasty poor person that will walk up to you and ask for money or food and you'll come up with an excuse or ignore there presence
Hey did you see that hobo over there he smelt like Taylor swift piss
by YEESUS (LIAM) January 16, 2015

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