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a mispelling of the word hobbit
A: A hobit!
B: No... a hobbit.
by Vamm Goda February 23, 2004
A young girl who wears micro skirts and low jeans that show almost everything, and tiny T's that go up so that all the belly is exposed. In other words, a Ho Bag in Training, or a Hobit.
"Damn, look at all the hobit's out tonight. Just gotta wait a few more years!"

"That young girl got a temporary tattoo on the small of her back...hmmm, the mark of the whore at such a young age. Now that's a hobit."
by MarcosR June 24, 2005
a hobit is will eat your anus if oyur not careful
a hobit is oyur daddy.
by jared podolske February 18, 2003
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