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In the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, as well as "The Hobbit," Hobbit Holes were the residences of Hobbits, usually built into a hillside.
Frodo retired to his hobbit hole to write "There and Back Again."
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
Where Santa cooked your Christmas.
Santa cooked your Christmas in his hobbit hole.
by bl4d3 February 19, 2005
A word used for your room when you retreat into it for long periods of time (usually includes food, electronics, and netflix)
Friends: Where's Jim?
Mom: Oh, He's gone up to his darn hobbit hole again!
by Cinquante March 30, 2015
see butthole. Merry likes to lick Pippins hobbit hole.
Oy! Merry, lick me hobbit hole!
by Mr. Cynic July 13, 2005

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