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A type of "lazy girl hairstyle" in which girls put a fanned out bun directly on top of their head.
Shawna is rocking a hobknocker today, she must have woken up late.
by HobknockerPolice January 15, 2012
A Short Hairy man that makes out with animals
hes such a hobknocker!
by Somechick1423 October 22, 2011
One who messes with ones other's private

Also a molester
There's a rumor that he's a hobknocker; just went up to that girl and...
by CRSII June 19, 2010
It is a made up word from the show iCarly. Wade Collins uses it to describe Freddy, Carly, Sam and Spencer. The writers of the show try to keep it a mystery but there is alot of speculation in the fanbase. The Merrian-Webster dictionary defines "hob" as a synonym for mischief or something illegal. Therefore, if it's gross AND illegal it most likely is one who is a necrophiliac or one who indulges in incest. However, judging by iCarly's target demographic of 10-15 year olds, it probably means incest since negrophilia is usually related to gross-er matters. Many fans believe that it may mean a prostitute; however, they forget that they replace "whore" with "skunkbag" just the way they replace "dipshit" with "dipwad."
You guys are bunch of hobknockers!
by Penoris August 11, 2009
means a mans penis is on/or about to be slapped on your face
youare a hobknocker.{haveing sex with animals}
by micala12345678990 March 24, 2010
when you take your dick and slap someone else on the ass usually you have to be naked to hobknock
joey - slaps bobby on the ass with his dick

bobby - wtf you stupid hobknocker cunt!
by yourmomsucksmycock March 24, 2010
a guy who stares at girls boobs all the time
geez, christian is such a hob knocker-sam
(christian staring at Sam's boobs)
by ;)hrnyallthetime May 24, 2010