A large hariy guy or woman who in there spare time likes to molest small animals and also elephants, they like llamas and like to munch on the nostrils of several kangaroos(mainly austrailan).
On the african grasslands, underneath the ground, hobknockers lurk. They creep until one unsuspecting gazelle or the above said animals are alone, and much like a child predator, SNATCHES THE ANIMAL UP IN ITS MONSTROUS TEETH ! Beware of these odd creepy men, that also like hairy, bingo-winged 50+ ladies.
by kate789 February 07, 2009
a guy who stares at girls boobs all the time
geez, christian is such a hob knocker-sam
(christian staring at Sam's boobs)
by ;)hrnyallthetime May 24, 2010
somebody who takes a crap on other peoples lawns
This dirty hobknocker just took a crap on my lawn. What the hell is wrong with that dirty hobknocker
by Jman1426 October 22, 2009
one who maliciously performs oral sex on animal( mostly women but could b male directed). most common types are horses, cows, bulls, and donkeys because each has a very thick penis that is several feet long.... females generally perform oral sex on horses or donkeys to the large mammoth size penis of the cretures and get the name hobknocker as they constantly knock the muscly dick against their teeth and the roof of their mouth
Mageret: Hey how was your Beastiality scene yesterday

Alicia: Great but Harry was so big and heavy I chipped a tooth

Mageret: Well being a hobknocker is a tough job, but someones gotta do it
by out of the valley September 11, 2009
A negative, zero social life, loser who knocks other peoples hobbies. Wether they be hunting to football to BMx to D&D, a Hob Knocker will tear down what some people choose to do with their free time, compared to a Hob Knocker who sits on his/her ass in his parents basement looking at pictures and youtube videos of people actually doing shit with their lives.
Regular Guy: I'm going camping this weekend, what about you?

Hob Knocker: *scoffs* Camping??!?! What is this brokeback mountain? So lame.

Regular Women: I'm going to paint a few pictures over summer break!

Hob Knocker: LOL! FAIL! Painting!?!!? You're not making any money on that crap you call painting, so why continue?

Young Kid: I'm going to go BMX riding with my friends!

Hob Knocker: Seriously? What happend when you fall on your ass and crack your head open? YOU COULD DIE! LOL

Young Kid:.....You Hob Knockers have no lives what so ever.

Hob Knocker: *cries on the inside*
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010
animal rapist
mary is a hobknocker!!
by zzayaa July 06, 2009
a person who fucks hobbits and knocks them up
You are a hobknocker
by jizzamen July 10, 2009
Having sex with a hobo. Gross and illigal,
U hobknocker!
by noob2662 June 17, 2009

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