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A large hariy guy or woman who in there spare time likes to molest small animals and also elephants, they like llamas and like to munch on the nostrils of several kangaroos(mainly austrailan).
On the african grasslands, underneath the ground, hobknockers lurk. They creep until one unsuspecting gazelle or the above said animals are alone, and much like a child predator, SNATCHES THE ANIMAL UP IN ITS MONSTROUS TEETH ! Beware of these odd creepy men, that also like hairy, bingo-winged 50+ ladies.
by kate789 February 07, 2009
1. A person who Masturbates in public restaurants.

2. A man who uses his cock to slap other people in the face.

3. A person who uses their dick as a weapon to the point where they delude themselves into thinking it can deflect bullets.

4. A person who jerks off with other people in the room who can clearly see it and has little empathy for their disgust or discomfort.

5. A man who Chops another mans balls off and tries to give the mutilated balls a handjob.
a.Oh my god dude don't look over there! That dude's a hobknocker!

b. See that guy over there? He's a total hobknocker don't let children near him. He's sick and wrong.

c. That guy thought he could deflect bullets with his cock and use it as a sword! What a hobknocker!!!

d. Dude stop being a hobknocker! We are all getting sick from your disgusting actions! go to the fucking bathroom if you're gonna do that!

e. That sadist is a total hobknocker
by MatBarnes March 24, 2010
A Short Hairy man that makes out with animals
hes such a hobknocker!
by Somechick1423 October 22, 2011
One who messes with ones other's private

Also a molester
There's a rumor that he's a hobknocker; just went up to that girl and...
by CRSII June 19, 2010
It is a made up word from the show iCarly. Wade Collins uses it to describe Freddy, Carly, Sam and Spencer. The writers of the show try to keep it a mystery but there is alot of speculation in the fanbase. The Merrian-Webster dictionary defines "hob" as a synonym for mischief or something illegal. Therefore, if it's gross AND illegal it most likely is one who is a necrophiliac or one who indulges in incest. However, judging by iCarly's target demographic of 10-15 year olds, it probably means incest since negrophilia is usually related to gross-er matters. Many fans believe that it may mean a prostitute; however, they forget that they replace "whore" with "skunkbag" just the way they replace "dipshit" with "dipwad."
You guys are bunch of hobknockers!
by Penoris August 11, 2009
means a mans penis is on/or about to be slapped on your face
youare a hobknocker.{haveing sex with animals}
by micala12345678990 March 24, 2010
when you take your dick and slap someone else on the ass usually you have to be naked to hobknock
joey - slaps bobby on the ass with his dick

bobby - wtf you stupid hobknocker cunt!
by yourmomsucksmycock March 24, 2010
a guy who stares at girls boobs all the time
geez, christian is such a hob knocker-sam
(christian staring at Sam's boobs)
by ;)hrnyallthetime May 24, 2010