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the hoadie is a 15 year old boy who goes to stedwards college and is the sole creator of mountain dew. the hoadie has short brown blonde hair and likes to play games on his computer with the terible processor. the hoadie is a solitary predator but is rather skittish when scared he will transform intoa phoadiedactyl, hoadiesaurus rex and in some rare cases a hoadjineer. the hoadie is the fastest land animal in the world as he can use hoad holes know one knows where they start or where they end all they know is that hoadie uses them. the hoadie is a master of stealth as he rarely speaks so if you hear him its quit a rare feight. the hoadie's mating call consists of distorted grunting and chirping while spreading his plumage trying to impress his counterparts.
Hoadie likes to play call of hoadie, super hoadie bros, bad hoadany 2 and hoadie's creed 1 and 2. hoadie likes to co op call of hoadie with his best pal jesus hoadie's kill/death ratio is 435:01 whilst jesus' is only 1:02 as you can see jesus is a noob
by Bannoooop March 17, 2010
A street bum
Anybody 24 years or older who's still jobless and living with his parents.
look at that hoadie
by Nwest2619 February 12, 2010

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