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the girl in the office who flirts with all the guys who are cute and have loving girlfriends. she usually has big tits but a mediocre face and writes many facebook wall posts that go unreplied-to.

her main strategies of flirtation include silly nicknames, semi-personal office-related inside jokes, teasing, and funny youtube videos.

the guys in the office are nice to her and entertain her youtube video fascinations occasionally but in the end, there's a reason why they still have girlfriends elsewhere.
ho-worker: ooh i'm so excited for the staff lunch today!
office stud: yeah it'll be cool. i gtg do some work before i go to that
ho-worker: yeah me too, and then i'll walk to lunch with you.
office stud: uh ok whatever
by slamma_jamma June 18, 2009
A term used to define a hated coworker, a coworker who is sexually active, or both.
Oh don't about Jill, she's just my howorker.
by Aoinoneko August 16, 2009
A girl co-worker taking off a day of work without at least making up an excuse so your co-workers aren't mad.
"She is a ho-worker for not even making up a story, she just came out and said "I am taking off on Friday so I can catch up on my reading". That ho-worker!
by Cuz78 July 17, 2007
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