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an outfit that is extremely slutty.
Jean jumpsuits are total ho-fits!

Look at Danielle in that ho-fit, gross!
by Emma Demma Ding Dong November 05, 2003
n. The outfit in which a ho (prostitute, escort, etc.) decides to wear in order to be noticed as a ho. Whether it be flashy or demure, you notice that this is a ho by her attire.
1) How can you tell me that's not a ho? Those glitter boots, huge ass hoop earrings, pink halter top with that fur coat on in the middle of summer.... Her hofit is too much!
2) I really want to finally sac him in bed. Could you help me shop for my hofit?
by maniacalMAH May 21, 2014
The kind of outfit a ho wears. Very similar to a slutfit.
A combination of the words "ho" and "outfit".
Guy: Hey bro, see that girl over there? It's like she's not wearing anything!
Other guy: Yeah, I'm totally diggin' that sexy hofit.
by Pseudonymulous? February 16, 2011
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