When you jack off with your own shit as lubrication.
I just finished an extra cream filling hoho. It was amazing.
by DSP February 05, 2007
A dessert,a Chocolate cake thats in a roll like shape,theses are one of the many desserts that Hostess makes.Usally you see alot of fat people eatting theses o_o
That guy is gettin all fat off thoses HoHos
by SpanosChick December 27, 2004
a word related to the slang term twinkie (asian on the outside, white on the inside). this refers to a person of black descent who is dark on the outside, but has Caucasian characteristics on the inside. much like the universally loved snack known as the hoho.
"girl, you a vegan?! you be one hoho, bitch!"

"oh no that hoho didn't just call me a misogynistic cretin!"
by sergeant meow September 21, 2008
someone who meets these similarties between them and hohos

1. sounds like a whore but isnt
2. comes in a pack of 42... has had 42 boyfriends
3. nobody knows whats in them but you know theyre full of crap
4. they arent good for you at all
5. people avoid them
6. they look good but are only good in moderation
emily is such a hoho; she always cheats and says shes mexican but shes not.
by mp_thug_for_life_yo September 24, 2006
A ho from the trailer park Who doesn't know who her baby's daddy is. Making money for her crystal meth addiction she will do everything for 20 bucks.
that hoho gave me herpes man she's so nasty.
by L&Ldreambigger April 11, 2015
A Black person adopted into or raised in a predominately white neighborhood, thus Black on the outside and white on the inside.
See Carlton from the Fresh Prince
The only black kid at our private school has been deemed the token Ho-Ho
by Special Kitty January 15, 2009
The laugh of Enchantcy
Enchantcy: hoho i just pwned a noob
by BC123321 June 11, 2008

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