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1)term used to describe a nasty ass fuckin slut that you woulndt touch even with a rubber
2)or an event that surpases freak nastiness
1) Would you tap Christine? Fuck no! Christine is ho nasty.
2) Did you hear what Janie did to Chris at the party last night? Yeah, i saw it too. that was ho nasty.
by carry a big stick when walking September 20, 2005
A girl usually with large brown eyes. She is always wearing makeup and likes to look her best. She has the most annoying laugh, but at the same time, it can be looked at as lovable! Honasty's are usually boy crazy, and if you mess with them, THEY'LL MESS YOU UP.
she doesn't take any crap! She must be an Honasty!
by lalalawhatever July 06, 2011

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